Welcome to Sharjah National Oil Corporation (SNOC)

We are Sharjah’s most reliable energy provider and one of the leading natural gas, condensate and LPG producers in the United Arab Emirates. Our three gas condensate fields, large processing plant and two export terminals have delivered gas to the Northern Emirates for 35 years and will continue to play a major part in energy supplies for decades to come. As a National Oil Corporation, our goal is clear: to add value in a professional, ethical and environment-friendly way to maximise the value of hydrocarbon resources in the Emirate of Sharjah and for the people of the UAE. Our people represent our greatest asset, with safety and efficiency being our main aim.

SNOC is financially independent and aims to increase cooperation with our partners, customers and suppliers, making excellence and innovation a way of life.


As the center of gravity in the global energy industry shifts away from OECD nations and moves toward energy-hungry emerging economies East-of-Suez and across the new Silk Road from the Middle East to Asia, National Oil Companies have begun adjusting their strategies and entered new …

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Our Vision


To be an integrated Oil & Gas National Oil Corporation (NOC), value creator, Gas supplier of choice and to utilize existing assets for new business while being ethically and socially responsible.



Our Values


Safe Operation

Care for the Environment




Continuous improvement

Ethical Practice


Performance Excellence

Chief Executive Officer

Sharjah National Oil Corporation (SNOC), established in 2010, is a relatively young organization, but it carries within it more than 40 years of heritage and experience in the Oil & Gas Business…

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Sajaa Asset's Timeline

SNOC Commissions LPG Blending and Loading Project in Sharjah
SNOC takes over as Operator of Sajaa Assets
Full Field Compression project implemented
Sharjah National Oil Company formed
Underbalanced tubing drilling
First production from Kahaif field
Kahaif field development
LPG Plant Startup at Sajaa & first cargo exported
Establishment of SHALCO
Gas Deliveries to Emarat Commenced
First condensate cargo exported
Function after inauguration Sajaa Plant
Moveyeid 1 Exploration well drilled: depth 14,445 feet
Sajaa 1 exploration well completed: Depth 16,656 feet
Petroleum Concession Agreement signed

What we do


Exploration & Production

The Concession Agreement was signed between the Emirate of Sharjah and Amoco Oil Company on November 8th 1978, allowing Amoco to explore for oil and gas across 600,000 acres of onshore Sharjah. On May 10th 1980 the Sajaa-1 well was started and drilled to a depth of 16,656 ft, discovering one of the largest…


Processing & Exporting

Hydrocarbons from the 53 wells first flow into a wellhead compression package that boost pressures from 20 to 80 psi sufficient to transport the fluids to the processing plant and into one of 2 inlet separators. Primary condensate liquid is separated from the gas and flows to a stabiliser tower and into storage…

SNOC LPG Terminal 2

Storage and Loading

One Condensate Terminal, constructed in 1981 in Hamriyah, Sharjah with two tanks each with capacity of 500,000 bbl and one offshore Single Point Mooring (SPM) buoy for tanker loading