Field Development Opportunities

The E&P team started the process to perform a full and detailedanalysis of the 3 producing fields and their opportunitiesidentified by SNOC during the “Production Technical Limit”workshop in 2015. Phase 1 was carried out between June 19th and July 1st2016, collecting and cataloguing data as well as performinga preliminary data reviewto identify sufficient available data towork on field development potentials. The Phase 2 Study concluded
in December 2016 following on from the Phase 1 Data Gatheringand Evaluation component, taking 3 months of work with amultidisciplinary team. The goal of the pre-simulation study was toensure that the macro scale geological description is reasonablebefore running the simulator. The joint teams successfully createda 3D static model for the Sajaa Field and a quick-build staticmodel for the Moveyeid and Kahaif field loading in total 54 wells,
33 side tracks and 164 laterals. Additionally, the Moveyeid fieldmodel was initialized to obtain a history match and runpreliminary forecasts. This provides the team a tool to look intoreservoir issues and work on them in Phase3 of the fielddevelopment project in order to identify potential productionenhancement projects for existing fields.