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Our Story

Sharjah National Oil Corporation (SNOC) is a 100% government owned legal entity, with financial and administrative independence, serving as the oil & gas industry executive arm of the Emirate, under the auspices of the Petroleum Council of Sharjah.

Established in October, 2010, SNOC owns and manages the oil and gas assets that were originally under previous Sharjah onshore concession, operated by AMOCO since 1978 and later by BP since 1998 and, transferred to SNOC after the concession expired in 2013.

SNOC is the main supplier of gas in Sharjah and, in fulfilment of its objectives, SNOC explores, develops, produces, procures, stores and transports hydrocarbons.

What Do We Do

SNOC manages a portfolio of gas, condensate and LPG assets, operating 4 gas fields, a 700 MMscfd capacity Gas Processing Complex in Sajaa Area (35 km from Sharjah City Center); LPG blending plant, LPG and Condensate storage and export terminals at Hamriyah, an SBM (Single Bouey Mooring), Underground Gas storage facilities and a vast network of production flow lines and product pipelines, converging with almost all gas pipelines operating in Sharjah. SNOC also manages pipeline gas supply contracts with ADNOC.


Targeting protection of the base and growth prospects, SNOC set in 2015 its 2016-2021 vision as “to be an integrated Oil & Gas National Oil Corporation (NOC), Value Creator, Gas Supplier of Choice and to utilize existing assets for new business while being ethically and socially responsible.”

Since that date, SNOC sustained a higher than projected production from its fields, expanded its exploration activities, entered into a joint venture with Eni and PTTEP to explore and develop three new blocks in Sharjah and made its first discovery and production in 2020, established a new LPG business within the UAE, implemented a strategic gas storage project for energy security and gas supply/demand management, concluded a strategic gas supply deal with ADNOC up to 2031 and established itself as the main supplier of gas in the Emirate of Sharjah.

In 2022, SNOC set its 10-year strategic Vision and Mission, as “to be the reliable energy provider and value creator for Sharjah with a focus to achieve Net-Zero on greenhouse gas emissions”, with the mission as “to safely and sustainably develop a diversified energy portfolio that creates value for Sharjah, our people, and our community”.

SNOC commits to values that ensure good ethics and behavior, develop and empower talent, create a rich and innovative culture with an emphasis to minimizing carbon and environmental footprint.

Environment & Sustainability

SNOC’s strategic focus centers on the imperative to implement and adopt sustainable solutions for environmental preservation, from minimizing carbon emissions to reducing impacts on marine ecosystems.  The operational activities of SNOC are subject to external oversight and assessment, in accordance with prevailing legislation, and in adherence to Health, Safety and Environmental Impact Assessment (HSEIA) protocols.

In the domain of corporate social responsibilities (CSR), SNOC is unwaveringly committed to enhancing the communities within which it operates through a diverse array of CSR initiatives.

Annually, SNOC allocates resources to engage with and contribute to local organizations, aligned with SNOC’s strategic interests, particularly in fields such as education, research, healthcare and social wellbeing. This includes support for humanitarian services, charities, and universities.

What is Special About SNOC

  • SNOC owns vast available gas processing capacity.
  • SNOC enjoys the strategic advantage of the central geographical position of the Emirate of Sharjah among the UAE’s seven emirates, thus SNOC stands as the sole entity in the Northern Emirates, situated within the pipeline hub, equipped to efficiently channel over 1 billion standard cubic feet of gas per day (Bscfd) into the market.
  • SNOC has the potential for and, is actively pursuing underground storage prospects for gas and Carbon Di-oxide through CCS.
  • Sharjah has significant offshore and onshore exploration prospects uncommitted.
  • SNOC has a human asset with unique cumulative skill set that is rooted to Sajaa Concession in 1978.
  • SNOC enjoys a lean organization structure that promotes flexibility in decision making.

Our Business


Exploration & Production

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Processing & Exporting

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Storage and Loading

One Condensate Terminal, constructed in 1981 in Hamriyah, Sharjah with two tanks each with capacity of 500,000 bbl...