In the Community

At SNOC, we believe as much in doing good as we do in doing well. (CSR) practices bring innovation, enhanced brand value and improved relationships with our stakeholders and the communities we work in.

SNOC will continue to lead, operate and behave driven by our core values and remains committed to deliver the highest standard of corporate citizenship and compliance at all times. It is our responsibly and incorporate sustainable business practices in our day-to-day relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees and communities.

SNOC is committed to improving the community in which it operates, and we take great pride in our CSR initiatives. Every year, we put aside funds to engage with and contribute to local and government organizations whose work is in line with SNOC’s strategic interests in education, health and social fields ,there for SNOC supporting the following Organizations & Causes such as:Humanitarian Services, Charities, Universities, Health and safety & Disable clubs .