In the Community

SNOC’s evolution throughout the years has led to unprecedented expansion, thus integrating more and more personnel and involving the community in more varied ways. It can be said that, at the current scale, the impact on the community is huge. Thus, we have aligned our policies to serve its best interest. In addition, we are taking appropriate measures to drive growth and at the same time instill positive change in Sharjah’ society through the following:

Job creation
Having managed the many hydrocarbon industry branches, SNOC has vigorously expanded and created hundreds of new jobs for the local communities since 1979, thus lowering the unemployment figures and providing a secure future to its recruits.

Environmental preservation
By investing in environmental technologies, we minimize the impact on the world we live in, which, in turn, raises the quality of life. By protecting nature, we protect our own health and, ultimately, lives.

Quality of life
Everything we do as a business has a concern for people at its core – SNOC strives to deliver top products to people and industries, improving everyone’s quality of life and allowing Sharjah to move on to superior levels.