Environment & Sustainability

Care for people always implies caring for the environment. Our outlook and strategy are dominated by the need to implement and use sustainable solutions, in line with the present concerns for preserving the environment. The SNOC business direction integrates a sustainable approach to resource exploitation and energy management. We carefully assess all the possible risks of our interventions and activities, as well as all their consequences.

We are aware of the scale of our business and the impact it can have on the environment and on our own habitat. On every level, our business actions are externally monitored and evaluated, in accordance with the current legislations, as well as with the Health, Safety and Environmental Impact Assessment (HSEIA).

From minimizing carbon emissions to reducing our impact on marine life, SNOC makes proof of constant professional responsibility and commitment to lowering the environmental impact of hydrocarbon resource management, as well as fixing the damage caused by the industry in the past.

To stay updated on our developments and approach, check our official periodic Sustainability Reports in the Publications section.