Safety is a primary concern and consideration in all activities conducted at SNOC. We discover, extract, handle, refine and distribute hydrocarbons and their derivatives in ways that minimise the danger to our staff, our collaborators and clients. The materials, technologies and methods that we use abide by the best safety standards of the industry. Specialized staff inspects equipment periodically, removing obsolete or aged items and allowing everyone to work in the best conditions. Every new acquisition is checked for safety, not just for its efficiency. In the long run, what matters is having a clean track record and providing value with as little risk as possible.

In addition, SNOC policies include operations and technologies that minimise as much as is practicable the threat to the environment. By eliminating risks we succeed in accomplishing more within the energy sector value chain. It is part of our commitment to listen to everyone’s concerns, from our partners to our customers, and generate quality and innovation through fair, transparent, safe practices.